Bank-Shareholders_Software: SkyGate Olvera

A shareholders management software specifically developed for the Microfinance banks in Nigeria. Completely automates all shares and shareholders operations. Automatically generates and prints Share Certificates and Dividends warrants


The following are Few of the features and benefits of the software :
•  Share Transactions:
•  handles share purchases
•  generates  certificate    number 
•  generates code number for    new transactions
•  validates buyers records
•  blocks multiple accounts
•  blocks multiple holders
•  handles allocations
•  fixes share price and share value
• Transactions are kept pending until confirmed by the administrator, hence    fictitious postings are absolutely blocked.
• Records
• maintains an accurate and highly secured database record that meets the         standards of the regulatory bodies,
•  records can be searched based on different  criteria - name, address, code    number etc.                                     
•  records’ statistics can be viewed  based on allocations - individuals, corporate    bodies, community development associations & directors. 
•  all transactions and holding of a shareholder can be  displayed on demand.     
•  part of or all records can be automatically printed.
•  dividends:
•  merges record and Automatically generates dividend for all shareholders with    transactions within  the fiscal year in consideration.                                     
•  user specifies dividend  rates, with-holding tax, effective date etc,           
•  generated dividend records can be searched/viewed on different criteria - name,     code number, dividend amount, gross dividend, net dividend, etc  

•  Olvera automatically generates bonus for any given year,
•  generation of     bonus is treated as a high security task which can be
•  handled by the administrator only.
•  administrator specifies choice bonus rates and applicable year.
•  a unique Share certificate number is assigned to each bonus share generated.

•  generates and prints shares certificates from scratch, no requirement except     blank A4 paper (sample attached) 
•   can be printed either in black/white or colour (user’s choice)
•   generates and prints dividend warrants from scratch, no requirement except     blank A4 paper (sample attached)
•   can be printed either in black/white or colour (user’s choice)
•   prints detail record of dividend declared (sample attached)
•   prints summary of dividend declared (sample attached)
•   prints annual dividend transactions (sample attached)       
•   prints annual shareholders’ report (sample attached)
•   prints part of or all shareholder’s record (sample attached)
•   no external consultation required for the printing of any document
•   printing can be handled by any trained officer


  1. Olvera generates on demand reports on the shareholders records. This includes,

•           number of shareholders
•           shareholders fund,
•           dividend allocation
•           share price
•           annual performance statistics and comparisons,
•           history of purchases  etc
•           Network:
•           Olvera is designed to operate in a network
•           records can be accessed from any workstation
•           no limit to the number of workstations required
•           each officer involved works from his/her own computer
•           Security:
•           every officer has his/her login details
•           access is granted only to accredited users
•           unauthorised access is blocked
•           Data Storage:
•           database is high capacity-driven
•           no limit to the number of years required
•           database can easily be backed up
•           database is protected with security block
•           all interactions with the database is through the interface.
•          only personnel with assigned privileges can be allowed to perform specific security operations.
•           every data is validated  before  it can be passed  to the database,
•           invalid data are automatically rejected and Olvera sends an error  message to the user.

Computer/hardware  requirement

  1. Windows XP Sp2 ,Windows Vista, Windows 7
  2. 2 HDD 40GB Min or 1 HDD 80GB Min partitioned (Server)
  3. RAM 1GB Min for Windows XP, 3GB Min for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Server)
  4. ReWritable CD Drive (Server)
  5. Pentium III  board or later
  6. A well functioning UPS
  7. A well funtioning voltage regulator (Stablizer)
  8. A printer - laserjet or deskjet

Olvera is an extremely user-friendly software. Quite interactive and easy to use. On deployment, we shall carry out a 2-day training program for all the staff that will be using the software. The training will be done in your bank premises. Staff do not need to travel to our office for training.

Many microfinance banks have been using Olvera since its inception in 2009. Few of such banks include:
Sagamu Microfinance Bank
Ilishan Microfinance Bank
Olabisi Onabanjo University Microfinance Bank, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State.
Esoe Microfinance Bank, Sagamu.

Please feel free to contact any of the bank listed above for verification of our claims.

We recognise the fact that yours is a newly upgraded Microfinance bank and as such has many financial challenges. We are here to help you in growing your business and to establish a business relationship that will  last as long as our businesses last. We are your partner in business.  Our client’s  business is our business.

Our goal is to ensure that this valuable software gets to the desk of every microfinance bank that has a vision for growth and we believe that yours  is one of such banks. Consequently we have efforts and sacrifices to ensure the software is quite affordable and inexpensive

To order for an order, request for a demonstration or for more enquiries/information please call any of the following numbers


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