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Eclipse, is our customized school management software developed for the administration of primary and post primary schools in Nigeria. Ever since its introduction in 2008, Eclipse is rated the best primary/post primary school management software ever developed in the country .

Eclipse is highly innovative and was developed from years of research and study of school administration in Nigeria. The objective of Eclipse is to create an effective, effortless and efficient school administration system through the use of automation by employing the latest developments in Information Technology. Eclipse is designed to change the face of school administration in Nigeria ... it comes with powerful features that can take care of virtually every task needed for a school to become one of the best in the world of education

Above all, unlike the existing software which are generic and imposes policies and procedures on schools, Eclipse is fully customized for you and only you. Your policies, procedures and formulas are programmed inbuilt, including your logo, address and other identities. Eclipse is an extremely interactive and user-friendly software. The software interface explains itself in details...anybody that can hold a mouse can easily operate the software.

You have the opportunity of seeing a demonstration right inside your school before ordering for Eclipse.

Listed below are some of our client-schools, Please feel free to make enquiries about us from any of these clients.

¨ Babcock University High School, Ilishan-Remo
¨ Christ the Redeemer’s College Sagamu
¨ Adventist Secondary Technical College Owerrinta
¨ Integrity Comprehensive College Sagamu
¨ Regal College
¨ BlueHill Montessori Schools Lagos
¨ Edge Lane Schools Lagos
¨ Inglewood Academy Lagos
¨ Inglewood Montessori School Lagos
¨ The Tenet Nusery/Primary Schools Lagos
¨ Remo Methodist High School Sagamu
¨ Methodist Comprehensice College (Private Sagamu)
¨ Living Spring Nursery & Primary School
¨ Adventist High School Oshogbo
¨ Topmost College Sagamu
¨ Apostolic Faith Grammar School Abeokuta
¨ Great Foundation Nursery/Primary School Ijebu-Ode
¨ Great Foundation College Ijebu-Ode
¨ Methodist Comprehensive College, Port-Harcourt
¨ Favourite Schools Port-Harcourt
¨ Goel International Schools (College) Port-Harcourt
¨ Goel International Schools (Nursery&Primary) Port-Harcourt
¨ SparkBrain International School (College) Onne
¨ SparkBrain International School (Nursery & Primary) Onne


Declares fees at the beginning of term
Tracks all payments - Tuition, WAEC/NECO/JSCE fees, expenditures, income etc
Fees can be paid in installments
Prepares and print school bill for each student
Fees can be prepaid (i.e. Manages the accounts for the students until amount is exhausted)
Automatically prints receipts
Brings forward debtor-tudents’ record from previous term
Prints Reminders
Generates Reports
–- Tuition Status
–- Debtors
–- Creditors
–- Expenditures
–- Income
–- Income & Expenditures Account
–- Bill Items (Budgeting)

Comprehensive Income/expenditures book-keeping
Records for any period as needed can be viewed and printed
Incorporates Cash Accounts
Deposits and Withdrawals
Trial Balance
Bank Reconciliations

TIME TABLE (Secondary Schools only)
Automatically generates Lesson Time Table for the whole school with No clashes
Time table can be viewed per class, per day, per teacher
Time table can be printed per class, per day, per teacher
Generates Weekly Period Statistics
A teacher’s location can be tracked automatically

Prints score sheets for each class
Inputted scores can be previewed
Generates result using school’s academics formulas and policies
Incorporates affective and psychomotor domains
Prints report sheets
Report sheets can be hosted, viewed and printed online using a PIN in a scratch card
Prints class performance (e.g SS2COM), sub level performance (e.g SS 2), for level performance (e.g. SS) and whole school performance
Prints subject performance for each level (very importance in analyzing teachers efficiency)
All printouts can be viewed on screen
Prints terminal broadsheet
Prints annual broadsheets
Prints result of past sessions no matter how long ago
New classes can be created when needed
new subjects can be created when needed
Automatically creates a new class register at the end of session, fixing promoted students to new classes

WAEC/NECO/JSCE (Secondary Schools only)
Automatically prepares WAEC/NECO/JSCE class register
Assigns examination subjects
Prints broadsheets

Tracks all debts owned by student no matter how many years ago the student graduated
Clears students only if debts are fully paid
Prints transcript of cleared students only

Automatically generates admission number for newly admitted students
Fixes new students to required classes and updates students accounts records
Old students can be readmitted
Generates enrollment report
Prints class register, sub level register, level register etc
Maintains complete record of each students
Students’ records can be updated

Automatically assigns staff number to newly employed members of staff
Maintains complete record of each staff
Updates staff records
Prints staff list
Keep records of past members of staff no matter how many years ago they left the school

Automatically generates staff salary based on school’s formula and policies.
Fully customizable Salary items
Posts salary record to expenditure ledger
Staff salary can be denied, increased or decreased as needed
Prints salary details
Prints bank details
Prints cash detail
Prints payslip for each staff

100% user friendly
Blocks all sources of error
Validates user authorisation
Access is allowed only to authorized personnel
User is guided through highly sensitive error checking features
No department has access to other department features
Accounts department is highly protected. Principal assigns access login for each officer in accounts department.

100% user friendly
Designed with the computer illiterate in mind
Can be operated by any body, no initial computer literacy required .
Initial computer literacy is only an advantage. Ability to hold a mouse is the only requirement
A 1 day free training for each of the following - Accounts officers, Academics officers, Teaching staff, Principal.


Windows XP Sp2 ,Windows Vista, Windows 7
1 HDD 40GB Min
Pentium IV board or later
A well functioning UPS
A well functioning voltage regulator (Stablizer)
A printer - laserJet or deskjet

Windows XP Sp2 (Windows XP Recommended)
2 HDD 80GB Min or 1 HDD 150GB Min partitioned (Server)
RAM 3GB Min for Windows XP, 4GB Min for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Server)
ReWritable CD Drive (Server)
Pentium IV board or later
A well functioning UPS
A well functioning voltage regulator (Stablizer)
A printer - laserjet or deskjet

Eclipse is designed to work in a network. Though it can be used in just one computer, however full utilization is achieved in a network
LAN Cable/Wireless

Data can be maintained for unlimited number of years. A school is expected to exist for unlimited number of years
Backup features available
Backups can be written on any storage device
Any officer can be trained on the backup operation

  • A one-day live demonstration will be carried in the college premises
  • All management staff of the college are required to be present during the demonstration
  • College facilities will be used for demonstration unless where unavailable


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